Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering Enquiries

What is the required lead time to place an order?

Standard Cakes

2 days in advance

Customized Cakes

3 days to 1 week in advance depending on complexity on design.

We recommend that all orders are to be made at least 1-2 weeks in advance.

If you need a cake urgently, drop us a WhatsApp or call us at 93678308/90719920 to enquire on availability.

Petite Sweets and Desserts

2 days in advance

How do I place an order?

You may place an order by:

  1. Shopping from the wide range of designs on our website!
  2. Drop us a whatsapp at 93678308/90719920 and talk to us about your cake.
  3. Fill up the form on "Full Customisation" to create your dream cake with us.

Can I proceed to go down to your shop to make an order and pay cash upon placing an order?

We do cake consultations by appointments, do book an appointment with us before heading down.

I need a cake urgently! Do you sell cakes off the shelf?

Unfortunately, our cakes are by a made to order basis hence we only accept preorders and do not sell them off the shelf. However, please do not hesitate to give us a call or WhatsApp us at 93678308/90719920 to see if we can help you in any ways possible.

Why can't I pick my desired date?

Dates may be blocked for three main reasons:

  1. We are full for deliveries/collections for that day
  2. The delivery/collection date chosen is too near (E.g. next day)
  3. Our shop is closed due to festivities (E.g. Chinese New Year)

As orders are processed on a first-come-first-served basis, we recommend placing your order ASAP to secure your desired date.

Whatsapp our customer service team at 93678308/90719920 to enquire more!

Cake & Storage Enquiries

Is your bakery halal certified?

Our bakery is not halal certified, however we use all halal ingredients in our cake and we impose a strict "No pork, no lard" policy in our kitchen.

I have an allergy, can i still order your cakes?

Our kitchen handles, nuts, eggs and dairy in certain products.

If you have a serious case of allergy, we will recommend that you do not proceed with the order as they may contain traces of them.

Will my cake look exactly like the one in image?

Images are meant to be guidelines for cake crafting. Here at our kitchen, we never guarantee an exact replication of a reference photo provided as some images have been edited and the colours may look different or more vibrant.

Do allow our cake decorators some space for creativity and trust that we will provide quality work for your special cakes.

Certain variables may also affect the overall look, like the size of the cake chosen, colour chosen and the overall placement of the decors.

Why are there bubble tea straws in my two-tier cakes?

Structure is vital in tiered cakes, as they are heavier and require support, or they slide during delivery or may not be able to hold the weight. Please remove the straws before consumption. The straws are food safe but not edible.

Will the flavour I choose, affect the look of the cake?

  •  For cake designs that are semi naked (with cake showing slightly), the flavour chosen may affect the overall look. 
  •  For fully covered cakes, the flavour will not affect the overall look as it is decorated with cream of colour choice.

I want a particular colour for my flesh floral/edible flowers, is that possible?

For all fresh florals and edible flowers, it will be based on our florists availability. please note that slight variations in types and colours may occur due to seasonal availability. We hope to seek your kind understanding.

How long can we keep the cakes?

All cakes are best consumed on the same day. To ensure freshness, we recommend keeping remaining slices in the fridge in an air-tight container for up to 2 days from date of collection/delivery.

How long can I keep my cakes out of refrigeration?

For standard cakes covered in Chantilly cream – it must be refrigerated at all times.

For customised cakes covered in buttercream, please keep cake refrigerated and take it out to an air conditioned room to bring the temperature up slowly. If your fridge is not big enough, you may keep in air-conditioning 18-22 degrees. The cake will last out of fridge anywhere between 1-2 hours depending on temperature. 

For cakes with fondant decor, it is recommended to have the cake stored in an air conditioned room. It can last 1-2 hours depending on temperature. 

How do I store my cakes upon collection?

  • Please store all standard cakes in the refrigerator upon collection if the event is a few hours away from time of collection. Due to the nature of the cakes (chantilly cream), they may melt if left in room temp for extended periods.
  • Customised cakes are to be left out at aircon room for up to 2-3 hour max, so please arrange your cake collection/delivery accordingly.
  • We do not provide ice packs.
  • Make space in your fridge before collection so as to store the cake, or collect right before event.
  • Please handle all cakes with care by holding the bottom of the box for stability.

Do you make fondant cakes?

We do not make fondant cakes for the following reasons:

Our recipes have been engineered to be light and moist, and it may not be able to support the structure of the heavy fondant. Fondant is essentially sugar, and it has to be kept in air conditioned room at all times. Coming into contact with refrigeration or Singapore’s humid weather will cause it to melt or become shiny/sticky.

We only use low sugar buttercream with our cakes and they are lower in sugar than regular customized cakes.

Cake decorations will be made with fondant or toys, depending on the design wanted.

What are the flavours available?

We have 12 cake flavours you can browse the full list here.

What are the cake sizes available?


Sizes Available

6 inch / 6-8 pax /800g

8 inch / 10-15 pax /1.2kg

10 inch / 18-25 pax /2kg

* Measurements are based on the diameter of cake.

* Each tier is est. 3 inch in height.

*Weights are only a rough guide.

* Standard cakes are not customisable.



Single Tier

5 inch / 6-8 pax / 800g

6 inch / 6-10 pax / 1.2kg

7 inch / 10-15 pax / 1.5kg

8 inch / 15-20 pax / 2kg

9 inch / 20-25 pax / 2.5kg

10 inch / 25-30 pax / 3kg

* Measurements are based on the diameter of cake.

* Cake is est. 4 inch in height.

* Weights are only a rough guide.

Double Tiered

4 x 6 inch / 10-15 pax / 1.8kg

4 x 7 inch/ 14-20 pax /2.2kg

5 x 7 inch/ 18-25 pax /2.5kg

5 x 8 inch/ 20-30 pax /3kg

6 x 8 inch/ 25-35 pax /3.5kg

6 x 9 inch/ 30-40 pax /4kg

7 x 9 inch/ 40-50 pax /4.5kg

7 x 10 inch/ 50-60 pax /5kg

* Measurements are based on the diameter of cake.

* Each tier is est. 4 inch in height, top tier is slightly shorter at 3.5 inch.

* Weights are only a rough guide.

Three Tiered

4 x 6 x 8 inch / 25-35 pax / 3.5kg

6 x 8 x 10 inch/ 70-80 pax / 6.5kg

* Measurements are based on the diameter of cake.

* Each tier is est. 4 inch in height, top tier is slightly shorter at 3.5 inch.

* Weights are only a rough guide.

Delivery & Collection

I would like to opt for self-collection, where can I do so?

Self collection is available at our shop.

Our full address: 405 Racecourse Road #01-01 Singapore 218654

Mondays to Sundays: 11am-6pm

What are your delivery timings and charges?

Each delivery is $20 per trip.

Orders above $200: Free delivery (Except to Sentosa and NA for restricted Zones) for orders being delivered to the same delivery address, at the same time slot, on the same day. 

Deliveries to Sentosa are available at an additional $10 surcharge.

When your total order value is $200 and above, delivery is free (4 hour range delivery, 10am-6pm)

If your order falls below $200, there are a few options for you: 
1) self pickup at our store 🏢
405 Racecourse Road #01-01 Singapore 218654

2) Regular Delivery - $20 🚚(10am-2pm or 2pm-6pm) 

3) Early Delivery 8-10am - Flat rate $35 

4) Specific timing delivery (1 hour range) - $30 (Latest 5-6pm)

Let us know which you prefer! 😄

P.s. if your delivery address is to a hotel, chalet or office building, we send to the nearest car pick up/drop off area and our delivery person will call prior to delivery 🚚

Redelivery costs will apply should the recipient not be home and a redelivery has to be arranged. 

Hope this clarifies your questions on our delivery 😊

Check with our friendly customer service via whatsapp at 93678308 should you need any clarifications:)

I arranged for the delivery but I am not there to received it, what can I do?

A strict 10-minute waiting time applies to every delivery.

Items not collected within this period will incur a return-to-shop delivery fee as stipulated by the third party delivery company.

Same day re-deliveries are based on driver's availability. 

Collection of the returned orders are only available during operating hours (11am-6pm). 

You have 2 days to collect your order after which the cake will be disposed off.

What happens if the cakes I ordered turns up damaged?

Please check the condition of the cake before acceptance. We do not take responsibility of cakes damaged after acceptance of the cake. If the cake is damaged at the point of delivery, kindly contact us at 93678308/90719920 and we will try our best to assist depending on the situation.

What happens if cake is delivered but nobody's home?

For any failed delivery, we will contact the receiver to see if we can make other arrangements, eg. leave with guard or neighbour. If all else fails, we will make arrangements to do a second delivery attempt at additional $20.00, or arrange for self collection.

Can someone collect on my behalf?

Yes sure, please provide the order number, name and contact number of the person that made the order upon collection.

Can I arrange for my own courier/ delivery?

If you’re engaging a third party courier service, inform them that they will have to:

  • Verify that everything is in order
  • Take a photo upon collection

Please ensure that the items have been checked and received in a good and undamaged condition. We will not be liable for any damage to the items once the transfer of responsibility has been passed.

Do you do surprise deliveries?

Do note that the recipient have to be present during the chosen delivery time-slot to receive the delivery. 

However, in the event where the intended recipient is not present during the delivery time slot chosen, the order will be sent back to our store. 

Same day re-deliveries are based on driver's availability. 

Collection of the returned orders are only available during operating hours (11am-6pm). 

You have 2 days to collect your order after which the cake will be disposed off.

I am sending a cake to surprise my friend, what should I take note of?

Do ensure the recipient is present, aware and contactable during the chosen 2-hour delivery time slot. 

*Receptions of healthcare establishments, office buildings and areas requiring a change of visitor pass will not receive any deliveries on behalf. Drivers have a 10-minute waiting period before re-delivery charges apply.


What happens if the order is cancelled?

We will postpone all orders as credit from cancellation or non-fulfillment.

Simply inform us on the next tentative date of celebration and we will arrange accordingly.

  • 1. If your delivery date is more than 1 week away from cancellation date, you can help keep 100% of your dollar amount in credits with us that you can use for future orders/celebrations.
  • 2. For orders 4 days to a week - There is a 50% cancellation charge and 50% credit.
  • 3. For orders 3 days or less before delivery date - there is a 100% cancellation charge.

Orders that are not fulfilled due to circuit breaker laws will be 100% refunded via store credits, with no expiry date.