About Us

J Petite patisserie is a homestyle bakery run by a small team of dedicated bakers that specialises in soft and light cream cakes, suitable for all your special occasions. When baking cakes, we bake in small batches to ensure freshness and quality, and only serve what we love to eat. Just like baking for our family and friends, we bake with love!

Our cakes have all been meticulously tested out and are lower in sugar, soft, fluffy and fresh, suitable for the young and old as we use all natural products without preservatives and all cakes are made fresh to order. More cake, Less guilt! Hooray!

As a huge cake lover, we hope to share the joy (and calories) with everyone. We hope that our cakes bring people together to creates happy memories for all your special occasions!

Our Vision


Our Vision is to be able to be part of all your special occasions and spreading joy through one cake at a time. To be able to provide cakes suitable for all, young to old with our soft and fluffy, less sweet and healthier cakes.

Our Mission


We aim to provide quality and delicious cakes and desserts.

To achieve our mission, all cakes are freshly baked to order, using quality ingredients to bake our signature light and fluffy cakes. We also take pride in and aim to create aesthetically looking cakes with delightful flavours that bring family and friends closer with every slice.