Top 5 Cake Trends Of 2021 By J Petite Patisserie

Top 5 Cake Trends Of 2021 By J Petite Patisserie

While the advent of fondant cakes was ushered in sometime in 16th century, it didn’t garner so much popularity until about a decade ago. Most of you who are at least in your 30’s grew up being agog about the traditional cake design--buttercream frosted plus icing swirls topped with lots of candy flowers and a simple “happy birthday” greeting.  Dubbed as plastic icing, fondant has been catapulted to incredible fame over the last ten years, constantly featured in major food and lifestyle TV shows. The cake designs utilizing fondant icing are unlimited as it is akin to the typical Play-do where it allows you to create anything possible in your imagination.


J Petite Patisserie is one of the most touted cake shops in Singapore that offers a wide range of amazing cake selections from the traditional to the most recent, with celebrated designs ideal for all occasions and catering to all walks of life and ages.  We’ve mustered the top 5 cake trends crafted this 2021 by J Petite Patisserie that are sure to leave your palate craving for more sweets and receptive to all other fancy cake flavors.



What an exciting way especially for kids to see an airplane landing on a fancy, delectable cake like this!  With a base of chiffon cake covered with creamy buttercream frosting, you can customize it however your child would like to have his or her airplane cake done. 




Even your dad would channel his inner kid once he’s greeted with a “Happy Birthday’ by this absolutely creative cake. You won’t have to force a megawatt smile around the corners of his mouth the moment he sees this beer cake obviously intended for super dads. Even his friends would love to grab a slice and probably demand for a mandatory shot with this gravity defying beer cake




Your mom and grandma would have to make a grand effort to conceal their appreciation once you put this very gorgeous cake on the table that’s bound to turn heads. You can order a seemingly delicate masterpiece on a painstakingly handpainted cake that you would wish to just stare at it forever.  You can imagine the lovely smile with probably tears welling up in the eyes of your mom or grandma for this simple gesture that speaks a thousand meanings.




The name need not elaborate itself as the moment you lay your eyes on this minimalist and dainty cake, it already speaks volumes about elegance. Lightly embellished with pastel accents, every slice is as delicate and tasty as it looks outside.




Feeling over the moon about the upcoming birthday of your baby girl? This fondant cake is indeed too pretty for you to eat that you can just stare at it all day. Make sure not to miss taking an IG-worthy “cakefie” before you tuck away this sweet indulgence.


These are just a few among the amazing plethora of cake designs that J Petite Patisserie can create to make your occasions even more memorable.  So next time you celebrate life, make J Petite Patisserie a part of it and allow their bakers par excellence to craft the dream customized cakes for you and your loved ones. 

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